Seattle Gov: Resources for Community |

A list of resources from the Seattle Government. There may be some overlap between this list and the list below.

Washington State Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment is available to employees whose employer has been closed by a public health official, the employer has closed due to a slow down or lack of demand, or the employer reduces hours of employees due to a lack of demand or because of a slowdown. It is also available if the employee has contracted a mild case of COVID-19 or if the employee was potentially exposed and is quarantined.

Washington State Paid Sick Leave

Paid sick leave is available when the employee has become sick from COVID-19, was exposed to COVID-19 and has become quarantined, the employee is caring for a sick family member, schools are closed by a public official and the employee has no childcare.  Paid sick leave is also available when the employer is shut down because of quarantine by a public official.  Health care workers and first responders in quarantine are also eligible for paid sick leave.

Washington State Family Medical Leave Act

FMLA is available when the employee is severely sick because of the COVID-19 virus and when the employee is caring for a family member experiencing the COVID-19 virus. 

Washington Tenancy Preservation Program

Available to landlords in reimbursement after an eviction judgment is entered by a court in an unlawful detainer proceeding, subject to the tenant’s reinstatement of the tenancy. 

All Seattle Kids Home | (206) 488-2692

Multi-lingual service focuses on families in imminent risk of homelessness. They can provide critical resources to help families remain in safe housing or find new housing.

Byrd Barr Place | (206) 812-4940 | 722 18th Ave, Seattle

Byrd Barr Place is committed to preventing homelessness in Seattle. They can help avoid eviction with temporary rental assistance or connect you to housing resources.

Catholic Community Services | (206) 328-5724

Offers King County residents emergency assistance. At most once per year, the non-profit provides move-in cost assistance, eviction prevention, emergency rent help and limited motel and shelter

Downtown Emergency Service Center | (206) 464-1570 |

DESC can assist with people facing eviction with rent/legal fees.

El Centro De La Raza | (206) 329-0786 |

Provides assistance for various types of housing emergencies.

Jewish Family Services | (206) 861-8796 | 1601 16th Ave, Seattle

JFS provides services to people of all backgrounds as well as Jewish individuals and families. Financial assistance may be available for emergencies like eviction prevention, move-in costs such as first/last months’ rent and security deposits, medical expenses, past due utility bills, transportation, or school clothes.

LifeWire | (425)746-1940 |

LifeWire helps victims of DV situations to assist with their rent. They’ll also help them with finding new housing and really work hard to prevent homelessness among DV victims and their children.

Plymouth Housing Group | (206) 374-9409 | 2113 3rd Ave, Seattle

Provides permanent, supportive housing for single adults 18 years or older who are homeless or have income less than 30% of local median income.

Solid Ground | (206) 694-6767

Some limited one-time rental assistance is offered. However more extensive is free eviction counseling, and basically free advice for those who receive eviction notices. Also get advice and support including information on tenants' rights and responsibilities.

Saint Vincent de Paul Financial Assistance | (206) 767-6449 | 5950 4th Ave S, Seattle

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is one of the largest charity organizations in the country. They are committed to providing social services, resources and financial assistance across the United States. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul parish near you is a non-profit that offers a unique style of personal assistance with food, clothing, gasoline, medicine, rent, utilities, and transportation to people facing economic or emotional crises. People of all backgrounds and religion can get assistance.

Salvation Army | (206) 442-8365 | 811 Maynard Ave S, Seattle

Resources can help with housing needs, with a focus on preventing homelessness in the King County area. Some of the services can include eviction prevention, move-in and security deposit assistance, limited rent help, and utility bill assistances. Counseling services are provided at the same time. Any type of assistance paid out is by appointment only and may require an interview process.

University Churches Emergency Fund | (206) 524-7885 | 4515 16th Ave NE, Seattle

Can offer emergency assistance up to once per year. Income limitations are in place. Call the program to get emergency financial assistance and referrals to non-profits.

Wellspring Family Services Housing Services | (206) 902-4271 | 1900 Rainier Ave S, Seattle

Offers programs including eviction prevention and rental assistance. Among other housing programs and services, the agency provides limited financial assistance and cash grants for low-income (50% or less of HUD income guidelines) and working poor individuals and families. In addition, speak to a counselor about housing stability services, advocacy, and eviction prevention programs.

West Seattle Helpline | (206) 932-4357

Provides limited emergency rent assistance to prevent eviction from homes and apartments.

World Relief Seattle | (253) 277-1121 |

Provides assistance for refugees and immigrants new to the USA.

YWCA Assistance Programs | (206) 461-4851

Hundreds of non-profit and charities are part of the YWCA or they work closely with the organization. The agency provides several services to women, their children, and families. Every year millions of people turn to the non-profit for help with childcare, economic empowerment, employment, and assistance for domestic violence. The YWCA also supports veterans and their families.