Doug Holman

Real Estate Broker -- Active since 1992

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The current real estate environment has fantastic tools from startups such as Zillow and Redfin, improving the flow of real estate information, and providing consumers with an array of service choices. Many are using the internet to track new listings and to better understand the value of what they already own, but real estate is still a hands on business with many moving parts. Parts that can't be effectively navigated by just a computer algorithim or colorful webpage. Whether you're pricing property, evaluating different purchase opportunities, or working to extract maximum value from a multiple offer situation, optimum outcomes occur with the guidance of a professional. Knowing when to walk away from a purchase, how to unlock hidden value, where to find a reputable lender (or how to expose a dishonest one), requires an experienced hand.
If I've learned anything in the past 20 years, it's that integrity matters. In the end, most home buyers and sellers want just a few simple things:
a) Listen to me and hear what I am saying.
b) Give me objective advice.
c) Instill me with confidence that you are steadfastly pursuing my best interests.
After 500 transactions and over $100,000 million in sales, I still love working in real estate. Whether you are buying or selling, I hope you'll give me the opportunity to earn your business. Put these two experienced hands to work!
Doug assisted me (as a buyer's agent) with my first home purchase in 1994. Unlike other agents who I considered using at the time, Doug was not pushy, and indicated his willingness to work with me even when I wasn't sure at the time if I was ready to buy then, or wanting to wait a few months. Doug walked me through the process from Step 1 completely through the purchase, and was professional, easy to work with, patient with my many questions, and made sure the sale went through without any problems. When I was ready to sell that first house in 2003, Doug did a fantastic job of marketing the property and handling the sale. I had an offer and purchase and sale agreement after two days.
Doug recently completed the sale of our second house, in September 2011. These are more uncertain times, but Doug once again did a fantastic job for us, and resulted in a sale after a very short listing period. Doug's thoughtful,careful analysis of house preparation, pricing, staging, listing, and handling of the ensuing transaction was professional, knowledgable, and reassuring. It was really nice to know that we could turn to Doug to handle our sale without a moment's hesitation. He once again did a truly exceptional job for us.
We have referred Doug to family, friends, and acquaintenances, and everyone has been very happy with his services. I look forward to having Doug handle all of my future real estate needs.
Doug Holman worked hard in a very tough economy to successfully market our property. He advised patients and process and worked through our frustrations with the market and need for a knowledgeable sounding-board with professionalism and experience. His calm and sensible approach, along with his depth of experience made the closing process smooth and stress free. We will call Doug again in the future and recommend him highly.
Selling my condo in a difficult market was challenging, but working with Doug was a rewarding experience. His extensive background in real estate and finance, combined with his intelligence, common sense, down to earth values, and sense of humor made the entire process so much easier than it should have been. He makes the whole process feel like working with a good friend, rather than an agent, and he's very responsive to your requests and concerns. Doug listens patiently to what his clients want, then suggests the best approach without forcing it. He's so tuned in to the market that he knows what works and what doesn't, and he's pleasant and fun to work with. I can't think of an agent with a better combination of real estate and people skills. Ultimately, my condo sold at the price I wanted, and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. Doug even dropped by my condo on closing day to see if I needed any help putting the finishing touches on the cleanup. You will love working with Doug Holman!
When someone asks me if I know a good real estate agent, I always respond immediately with pure confidence and pride: Doug Holman. He puts you at ease right away. He's a great communicator, he LISTENS and he asks the right questions. After 20yrs in the business of banking and real estate he knows exactly what he's doing. Buying and selling homes can be stressful, but Doug makes it enjoyable with his smarts and a healthy sense of humor. I'm a builder, what a relief it has been to be so well represented through good times and bad! Doug helped me sell over 20 spec homes, 5 stars are'nt enough (:
I did not know Doug Holman before I enlisted his services as my Real Estate Agent. He was highly recommended to me by a friend. I was very impressed with Doug from the opening moments of our working together relationship to the very end. My purchase had some very abnormal circumstances related to the transaction and Doug was able to flawlessly arise to the occasion at every turn and bump in the road. Regardless of how busy he was with other clients he always made me feel like my transaction was of the utmost importance to him. Although the level of drama was high at times, Doug always kept his cool and offered his assurance that no matter how invested in the process he was, if I ever wanted to turn away from the transaction, he would support me. It was important for me to feel that Doug was my business partner throughout the entire transaction. When you work with Doug you'll see that a person of his talent could've chosen to work in any other field and it'll become apparent that Real Estate is his career of choice and that he's clearly a head and shoulders above his peers. I hope you have the opportunity to work with Doug Holman and that you enjoy working with him as much as I did.
Sincerely, Hans Nordlund
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