Gretchen Bear

Sr. Property Manager

Gretchen Bear has been with RPA since 2018 and shares 25 years of property management experience. Gretchen cut her teeth as a landlord fixing up a tortured old house in the fast-paced rental environment of the University District. She has since placed tenants and managed homes in neighborhoods all over the city.

Gretchen’s focus on positive and proactive communications supports her outstanding record of placing quality tenants in quality properties. From high-end single family homes to classic Capitol Hill apartment buildings, Gretchen knows how to work with owners to keep pace with the latest laws and attract the savvy renters of today’s Seattle market.

Gretchen taught Landlording 101 at several area community colleges and has been a consultant for first-time landlords through her business of the same name (www.firsttimelandlord.com). She has a BA in Marketing from Southern Utah University. Gretchen’s family of four operates at high energy and has literally been around the world and back. It’s a good thing because property management is not a job for the weary!