Keep Your Leads While Earning Commissions

Provide Your Clients with Excellent Customer Service and Earn More at the Same Time with our Partnership Program.

Starting a Partnership

Caiden was fantastic to work with
Dominick Weakley
Wonderful experience with the team here always felt my time was respected and I appreciated their customer service every time I interacted with them. I was a renter at one of the Real Property Associates properties and I did not feel nervous to ask lots of questions while I lived there! They were ...
Kai Spratt
The showing of the apartment at The Verra in Seattle was wonderful with Gio! I fell in love with the place right away and Gio answered all the questions I had. I applied and everything went smoothly. I had great communication and quick responses. Gio and Quien helped me through that process. I ...
I’ve worked closely with Shannah Babauta as the property manager and it has been such a great time living at this apartment! Easy to communicate with and our maintenance orders have all been taken care of swiftly. Plenty of space and storage for me and my roommate and an amazing location with ...
Michelle Nguyen
I just want to give a special “Thank you” to Quien she came through for me in ways I cannot even imagine. She is so efficient quick to reply and offer support if anything she made my house hunting very easy and less stressful. Molly was so understanding and kind. Thank you for giving me a chance. ...
Michelle Makoto
Jerith is very calm and good in communication. Very co-operative. I like the conversation with him. Good luck!!
Mahima Pandey
Jarith--He is very knowledgeable and curtousy. Showed up on the time scheduled! Our problem solved within minutes. Great job definitely deserve a bonus!
Jin Dwinell
Quien and Maddy were both super helpful in finding a spot and clear and transparent in their communication.
Rohit Kamath
Caiden was amazing during the whole process. He quickly responded to any questions we had. We were overall very pleased with the whole process and would work with Caiden if we could.
John Sullivan
I have a smooth onboard experience with Quien. Very responsive and accomodating!
Kien Ta

How The Partnership Program Works


Send Your Referral to Us

  • Does this client make real estate investments?
  • Clients making real estate investments are an excellent referral. Tell them we’ll contact them.

We’ll Set Up a Client Meeting

  • We explain our management services.
  • We discuss how we can be of assistance to them regarding their professional property management needs.

You Receive Payment

  • You will receive a commission payment once your client signs a management services agreement with us.

The Benefits Of Joining Our Partnership Program

Whether you're looking to supplement your income or strengthen your professional relationships, our Partnership Program offers the resources and support you need to succeed in today's competitive real estate market. Partner with us and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.


You Keep All of Your Clients.

We’re in the business of property management, not just a real estate business branch. Each time your client expresses an interest in buying or selling, we will make a referral back to you. It’s not our interest to become a business that buys and sells.


You Can Continue Focusing on Your Strengths.

Being a property management company operates differently than real estate. Therefore, it’s possible for you to continue focusing on your strengths, and satisfy your clients professionally by providing them with your expertise.


You’ll Receive What You’re Signing up For with Us.

It’s essential that you have peace of mind. Therefore, we provide a contract outlining our responsibilities as soon as you decide to sign up as a partner.


Starting a Partnership

We pay 20% of the first years anticipated management Fees at the time of lease signing.

We protect the broker / Client relationship

Refer a Client to Real Property Associates

We are your resource for property management services! Contact us today to learn how we can build a better experience for homeowners together.

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