Just outside of the Seattle area, real estate investors have discovered the city of Auburn, WA. Rental property owners benefit from an area that residents love, including plenty of parks, trails for walking, biking, and hiking, and live music at the nearby amphitheater. Auburn also provides various shopping experiences and restaurants with easy access to everything Seattle has to offer. 

  • Are you considering a rental property purchase in the Auburn area?
  • Do you already own real estate in this Washington suburb?

It's a smart place to investbut without the right strategy and property management services, investors often struggle to get the most out of their investments. 

Professional Auburn, WA property management can help! From avoiding common property owner mistakes to finding better renters and maximizing your budget (and bottom line), here's what Real Property Associates does for local real estate investors. 

Professional Maintenance Is Worth It

We don't mean to criticize your DIY rental property maintenance skills. You could be very good at fixing plumbing problems and handling other common property repairs. However, many real estate investors don't realize that they don't have to handle routine maintenance on their own!

  • Without a plan and a way to track expenses against your maintenance budget, repairs and upgrades can quickly get out of hand for even the most maintenance-proficient rental property owner.
  • Investors often find that adding a second rental property to their portfolio quickly eliminates their free time. The repairs and maintenance required for one property multiply when investors start to grow their portfolios.

Your Time Is Valuable!


What if you didn't have to spend time fixing your properties or responding to late-night renter requests? That's what a professional Auburn property management company does for you! We take on all maintenance issues to support successful rental property investing. Investors can regain their free time and enjoy better profits with a property manager taking care of their properties and maintenance requests. 

Professional rental property maintenance is worth it when your property manager:

  • Performs seasonal maintenance to help your Auburn, WA properties adjust well to weather changes
  • Schedules routine property inspections throughout the year to catch small problems before they become serious issues
  • Answers every after-hours call from renters dealing with emergency maintenance problems
  • Uses the best local contractors to provide quality repairs and maintenance—while keeping costs in-line.

When you trust a property manager with the routine maintenance for your rental properties, you don't have to worry about who works in your properties—or receiving sky-high bills for repairs. We vet every contractor before we allow them into a property. We also work to manage costs to maximize your budget and reduce expenses. 

Professional rental property maintenance with expert Auburn property management is one of the best ways to improve property values and keep renters happy—while enjoying more investment profit. 

Better Renters Protect Your Properties

One bad renter is enough to make investors lose enthusiasm for rental property investing. Avoiding bad renters is the best way to stay positive about choosing new residents when it's time for a new leasebut how can you reduce the risk of terrible renters? 

If you've never dealt with a 'Professional Tenant,' we hope you never do! These renters go from property to property, appearing as ideal residents to charm their way into rental homes. Once they move in, they become nightmares in your rental. Professional Tenants don't pay the rent, destroy Auburn, WA rental properties, and refuse to leave—despite every effort to ask them to move on. 

Screening Helps Identify Bad (and Good) Renters

  • Professional Tenants and other bad residents take advantage of DIY property owners that don't rely on a thorough screening process.
  • They know you aren't going to check their history enough to discover prior evictions, rental payment defaults, and other red flags that should keep them out of your rentals.
  • With a thorough screening process, investors can keep terrible renters out of their rental properties. You never have to deal with the destruction, headaches, and expensive problems these renters cause when allowed into your rentals.

A professional Auburn property management company is the answer to finding better renters (and avoiding the bad ones). We apply a thorough screening process to every applicant, including:

  • Credit history
  • Prior rental history
  • Employment and income verification
  • Reference checks
  • Criminal history.

When dealing with that much personal information and evaluating potential renters, it's critical to follow the law. We never risk claims of discrimination with our screening process. Every applicant receives the same screening and comparison to set criteria. We also follow the law when handling and reviewing private information. 

With an Auburn property manager handling your screening process, your assets and income have better protection from bad renters. You also reduce the risk of lawsuits or claims of discrimination. 

Growing Is Easier (and More Profitable)

When investors experience the income boost and better protections of working with professional property management, many property owners want more! Adding more Auburn, WA rental properties to a portfolio is easier (and more profitable) when you work with the best local property manager.

Growth requires established processes, understanding the rental market, the right strategies, and the same high level of services for every property in a growing portfolio. One bad property or poor-quality management for one rental can lead to lost income and damage to your long-term wealth. 

The best Auburn, WA property management company knows how to help investors grow the right way. We help by:

  • Analyzing potential properties through our access to market research and industry experience: If a property isn't a good fit, we'll let you know. When a new property can add more income to help you meet your goals, we have the information to show you what it can do for you. 
  • Setting the right rental rate for each property: There's not a one-rent-fits-all for every property in your portfolio. Each property requires the insight to identify the best rental rate that attracts the best renters and maximizes your income. 
  • Applying professional marketing strategies: Expert property listings, high-quality photos, and targeting your ideal renters helps attract better-quality renters. Our marketing practices also help us rent your properties faster to reduce vacancy times. 
  • Expert leasing and financial reporting: Paperwork is critical! We put together ironclad leases that protect property owners. We also provide regular financial reporting to help investors know the real-time performance of each property in a portfolio. 
  • Professional renter management: From the day a new renter moves in, we work hard to build positive, long-term relationships. Good relationships and excellent property management services encourage more renewals! However, when necessary, we also handle difficult renter situations and evictions. 

All of these aspects of expert full-service property management work together to increase income for rental property investors—and you don't have to do a thing except choosing the best Auburn, WA property manager for your rentals! 

We're the Best—and We're Here for You!

If you're looking for the best Auburn, WA property management company, you've already found us! The Real Property Associates team proudly serves this area to help investors make more money—without putting more work on their plates. We handle everything from finding new renters to collecting the rent and maintaining your properties. 

Everything we do is an effort to exceed the expectations of Auburn, WA real estate investors. Don't worry about Seattle-area property owner restrictions or chasing down late rental payments. Contact us to find out how we can help!

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