The Beaux Arts Village of Washington is a small town with a lot of personality. Designed as an arts colony, this tiny area sits on the east side of Kings County, surrounded by the larger city of Bellevue. The village streets and housing are backdrops for the area's vast numbers of trees. Residents and visitors also benefit from direct beachfront access to Lake Washington. 

As one of the most affluent areas in Kings County, investors will find a mix of new and old homes, including vintage designs that appeal to a wide range of residents, including families with children. While the village is home to only a few hundred people, it's a must-have area for local or out-of-state investors who want to build a profitable portfolio in this part of Washington state. 

Excellent schools, a diverse population, and the proximity to everything the Seattle and Bellevue areas have to offer to make this spot desirable for residents and investors alike! With the best Beaux Arts property management team, rental property owners can benefit from investing in the higher-priced homes that are characteristic of the village. Here's how Real Property Associates helps real estate investors maximize investments in this small wooded area of the Pacific Northwest. 

High-End Homes Need Professional Maintenance

Beaux Arts Village is known for multi-million dollar estates. As a rental property owner, caring for these properties requires time and experience! Most homes were built during the 1960s and include at least three bedrooms. Providing sought-after rental housing in this area requires a team of experts to keep properties in excellent condition and make sure renters are comfortable throughout the changing seasons. 

With professional property management, investors can depend on:

  • Routine property inspections throughout the lease term
  • Prompt repairs to minimize prolonged damage and reduce costs
  • 24/7 availability for renter emergencies
  • A network of vetted contractors to perform quality repairs for high-end homes
  • Seasonal maintenance to help rentals thrive despite the changing weather

Our team is uniquely qualified to care for homes in the Beaux Arts Village area. No house size is too big for us, and our priority is maintaining great property values for your rentals while delivering an excellent renter experience!

Managing Renters Is a Year-Round Job

Choosing the right residents for your rentals is a tough job, but it's only the beginning. After picking a new renter, they require year-round management as soon as they move in. Whether you're a local investor or choose Beaux Arts investments from out-of-state, excellent renter management can be time-consuming. It's also critical to follow local, state, and federal laws when screening renters and fulfilling your responsibilities as a rental property owner.

The best Beaux Arts property management company is up to the daily tasks and year-round attention your renters need to feel at home in your rental properties. Our team makes sure your renters:

  • Meet your criteria and pass a thorough (legal) background screening
  • Feel welcome from the first day they move into your properties
  • Have a spotless, well-maintained house that's ready to help them feel at home
  • Get a prompt response to questions or maintenance requests
  • Are excited to renew a lease because they're happy with your rental

We know that investors make more money when residents are happy and renew their lease! With our experience and excellent customer service, we retain more renters, so investors enjoy better ROIs. 


Not Every Renter Is a Dream Come True


Whether we inherit renters that are already in your properties before we get to work with you or a good resident starts well only to turn into a difficult renter, we aren't rattled when a renter isn't an investor's dream come true. From late rental payments and property damage, sometimes renters can become nightmares when you least expect it. 

When you have the best Beaux Arts property management team in place, investors don't have to worry about:

  • Losing sleep over chasing down late rental payments
  • Enforcing rules in the lease
  • Encouraging renters to take good care of your property
  • Dealing with renter-caused damages
  • Staying calm and professional despite resident complaints and issues

Handling difficult renters can be one of the most unpleasant parts of owning real estate investment properties. A property manager puts distance between you and your renters (whether you are local or long-distance) to deal with challenging renter situations on your behalf!

While we work hard to place quality residents and minimize the potential for bad situations, we're also prepared to navigate renter issues and resolve problems according to the lease and current laws. 

Professional Marketing Reduces Vacancies

With a quality renter and the ideal rental rate, investors have the potential to generate significant income from this area. However, the high-end homes of Beau Arts Village can be an expensive liability for your portfolio when they sit empty for too long. 

Finding renters who are the right fit for rental properties with higher-than-average monthly rent prices can be challenging without the right marketing strategy. Investors need a property manager who understands the market and can target your ideal residents while minimizing vacancy times for your rentals. 

The right Beaux Arts property management company applies the best marketing strategies, including: 

  • Setting the ideal rental rate for each property. We run the market research and compare it to other area rentals to set a monthly rental price that attracts the best renters for your properties. 
  • Using high-quality photos to show off your rental. A high-end rental property needs professional photos to stand out in an online listing. Wowing your next renter is easier with expert photographs to highlight every amenity your renters look for in a Beaux Arts Village home. 
  • Creating compelling text to cover every detail. We'll rave about the best aspects of your property while also including critical information to help potential renters understand the qualifications for your property. 
  • Utilizing the best listing sites to reach your target renter. We get the word out everywhere it needs to be! 

When the rental applications start coming in, we apply our thorough background screening process to pick the best resident for your rental. Our team also works quickly to list and rent a property to minimize downtime and lost rental income. On average, we find a new resident for a rental property in nineteen days (or less)!

We're Ready to Exceed Your Expectations In Beaux Arts!

If you're ready to invest in Beaux Arts Village, we're prepared to exceed your expectations! Real Property Associates has more than forty team members here to serve you and your renters. With 28 years of experience, we have a thorough understanding of what local renters want and how to maximize ROIs to boost income and portfolios for real estate investors. 

Our knowledgeable staff also prioritizes staying up-to-date on local, state, and federal landlord-tenant laws. We won't put your properties or investment income at risk, and you don't have to worry about your properties complying with the law—no matter how often it changes. 

We deliver a full-service property management experience, including professional property maintenance, resident screening and placement, on-time rent collection, and prompt owner payments. Real Property Associates also provides ongoing support and financial reporting, so you never have to wonder what's going on with your rentals. Contact us to learn how our expert Beaux Arts property management services can help grow your real estate investment income!

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