Just outside of Seattle, investors can find the city of Edmonds. Surrounded by the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, this city is an ideal place for residents to enjoy suburban life, plenty of nature and recreation, and easy access to highways for commuting into Seattle for work or entertainment.

What does that mean for investors? It's an excellent place to invest in real estate! 

However, without the right Edmonds property management company, the perks of Edmonds won't help you maximize the income from your rental properties. Whether you're looking for your first rental property or you're ready to grow your portfolio, here's what investors need to know about the popular suburban area. 

What Residents Love About Edmonds 

Edmonds has a lot to offer renters and investors! Residents enjoy excellent schools and a diverse community, making it an ideal place to raise a family and get involved on the local level. 

The city also has charming restaurants, coffee shops, and parks that offer hiking, biking, and other recreational opportunities—no matter the season or weather. Because it's only a few miles away from Seattle, residents also benefit from job opportunities, shopping, live music, and activities in the Seattle area. 

With everything this area has to offer, it's no wonder that the population continues to rise! Investors who take advantage of investing in real estate and partnering with the best Edmonds property management team choose a smart approach to growing more long-term wealth.

Why Investors Need Edmonds Rental Properties

About one-third of the population rents their homes in Edmonds, so there's plenty of opportunities for investors to generate passive income from real estate. It's a rental market that's ideal for investors looking to start with their first property or add more properties to a growing portfolio. Whether you live locally or not, investors can benefit from our rental market with the right professional help! 

The Best Support Maximizes Your Investment

One of the best perks of investing here is the quality of our professional property management services. Real estate investors don't have to handle any details like rental property maintenance, choosing renters, collecting the rent, or following the law. The right property manager handles all of these things (and more) for you to keep your properties safe, operating legally, and profitable!

Investing in Edmonds should be an exciting idea for real estate investors. However, many rental property owners worry about the additional work that comes with adding a new property to their portfolio—until they realize that more properties don't have to mean more work for them. 

  • Expert Edmonds property management is all of the support you need to add a new property and grow your long-term wealth.
  • We do everything so that you can enjoy the perks of investing in and around Seattle without losing any more of your free time and worrying about properties or renters. 


Marketing Your Rentals


Empty properties don't rent themselves! Suffering from vacancies that last for weeks (or months) puts a significant dent in your short-term cash flow and derails your long-term financial goals. Without a renter, you won't see any rental income to offset expenses or put profit in your pocket. 

However, owning an Edmonds rental property doesn't mean you have to know how to market your properties expertly. Successful investors understand that a property manager is the best resource for professional property marketing that minimizes vacancies and places better quality renters into their properties. 

Our strategy includes the best mix of:

  • An ideal research-based monthly rental price
  • Professional property photos
  • A compelling listing description
  • Prime advertising to deliver maximum visibility for your property.

The right marketing practices help the best quality renters find your properties! When you see less vacancy time and experience the best renters, you make more money from your Edmonds real estate investments. 


Certified Maintenance Services


DIY rental property maintenance has a time and place, but serious real estate investors know that professional maintenance services help boost their bottom line. 

Renters in Edmonds look for rental properties that offer professional management and maintenance services. As with any competitive rental market, keeping your rental homes in excellent condition helps you stay competitive with other properties in the area. If your DIY repairs can't keep up with the competition, you risk losing renters (and income) to other investors that understand the critical impact of professional rental property maintenance.

It's not just the repairs that need a professional touch. When you partner with the right local property manager, investors and renters benefit from:

  • Routine inspections to help prevent significant maintenance issues
  • Preventative maintenance to keep rentals in excellent condition and reduce repair costs
  • Quick responses to emergencies or requests
  • 24/7 availability to handle issues at any time.

Maintenance isn't always convenient, but's a critical part of real estate success. Delaying a response or repair to a problem that comes up overnight or on the weekend can make the issue worse—and more expensive. Plus, renters who have to deal with a maintenance problem over the weekend without a response won't be happy about it. Offering readily-available maintenance services and proactive solutions keep renters happy and encourages them to renew their lease. 

Choose an Edmonds property management company that takes care of your properties 24/7, year-round, with a team of certified maintenance technicians. Settling for anything less risks your income and property values!


Following the Law


Many investors find that it isn't easy to follow rental housing laws—especially when regulations change or circumstances require temporary adjustments to policies and procedures.

  • Trying to keep up with the law and adhere to it can be enough to deter investors from adding more properties or continuing as a rental property owner.
  • With the right property manager, following the law becomes easy for investors! Your property manager keeps up with every law—local, state, and federal—to protect your investments and grow your income. You don't have to spend time studying the laws.
  • Our job is to operate your properties within the law, including maintaining your properties according to local codes and standards, processing rental applications and screening renters, and processing paperwork to keep your real estate investment business compliant. 

We also handle evictions, according to current or temporary changes to the laws, when it's necessary. We do everything we can to screen the best renters without violating fair housing laws. However, if a difficult situation comes up, we'll handle it on your behalf while following the legal process. 

Invest in Edmonds With the Best Property Management Services

We hope you're as excited about investing in Edmonds as we are! It's an opportunity you can't afford to miss if you're thinking about starting or growing your real estate portfolio. This city offers significant opportunities for investors with the best Edmonds property management company to support their investments and renters for success!

When you choose this area, make sure you also select Real Property Associates.

  • We make real estate investing easier and more profitable for rental property owners.
  • Our local experience and expertise help us market your properties to stand out from the competition.
  • We also apply a thorough screening process and keep up with all rental housing laws to protect your assets and long-term wealth. 

Contact us to learn how we can make Edmonds a profitable addition to your portfolio!

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