Real Property Associates Eviction Solutions:
Protecting Your Investments

At Real Property Associates, we understand that eviction is not an easy situation for anyone involved. That's why we provide comprehensive eviction services to homeowners in need. Since evictions can be difficult and time-consuming, we go above and beyond to ensure that every step is managed professionally and efficiently. 

When a client determines the necessity for a tenant to vacate the property due to recurrent lease violations, they can request us to initiate the formal eviction procedure per the law. This is how our experts provide support at every stage:


Review the Lease Agreement

We assist landlords in reviewing their lease agreement and identifying any clauses relevant to the eviction process.


Provide Notice to the Tenant

We handle the process of serving notices to tenants, ensuring that all required information is included and that the notices are delivered in accordance with legal requirements.


File an Eviction Complaint

We prepare and file the eviction complaint on the landlord’s behalf, ensuring that all required documentation is accurate and submitted in a timely manner.


Serve Summons and Complaints to Tenants

We coordinate serving summons and complaints to tenants. Tenants have typically around 7 days to respond to the complaint. If they contest the eviction, we will schedule a court hearing.


Attend Court Hearing

If a hearing is scheduled, both parties must attend. We can represent landlords at court hearings, presenting evidence and arguments on their behalf. 
Real Property Associates has a team of adept attorneys readily available to facilitate our clients' eviction processes, ensuring seamless coordination and adherence to legal protocols as required.


Obtain Judgment

When the court rules in the landlord’s favor, we'll receive a judgment for possession of the property. We assist in obtaining and reviewing the decision, ensuring it aligns with the landlord’s objectives, and initiating any necessary follow-up actions. 


Writ of Restitution

If the tenant still doesn't vacate the premises after the judgment, we can handle the process of requesting a writ of restitution



Law enforcement will execute the writ of restitution. As your property manager, we oversee the enforcement process, coordinating with law enforcement and managing any logistical aspects of tenant removal. We can also facilitate property re-possession and secure the premises after eviction.

Engaging our services for the eviction process offers several significant benefits to property owners. Firstly, we streamline the eviction procedure, saving property owners valuable time and effort. Our experienced team manages every step of the process meticulously. Our partnership with skilled attorneys ensures that property owners receive expert guidance and representation throughout the eviction process, minimizing potential legal complications and maximizing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Moreover, our proactive approach helps mitigate risks associated with problematic tenants, safeguarding the property owner's interests and investment. 

Benefits of Partnering with Real Property Associates

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Streamlined Process

We handle everything, saving you valuable time and minimizing stress.

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Maximize Success

Our legal expertise increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

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Minimize Risks

We help mitigate financial losses and protect your property from damage caused by problematic tenants.

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Peace of Mind

Focus on managing your other properties while we handle the eviction.

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Personalized Service

We provide tailored solutions to fit your specific situation.

Contact Real Property Associates for Expert Eviction Services

In times of the challenging decision to vacate a tenant, we at Real Property Associates stand ready to provide expert assistance and support. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding property owners through the eviction process with professionalism, efficiency, and legal expertise. 

By entrusting us with your eviction needs, you can be confident in receiving personalized attention and tailored solutions to safeguard your property interests. If you’re a property owner facing eviction challenges, reach out to us today for a comprehensive quote and to explore how our services can alleviate the burden of eviction proceedings. Let us assist you in navigating this difficult situation with confidence and peace of mind.

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