Simplify Your Property Maintenance

Are you a property owner tired of managing endless maintenance issues? Real Property Associates offers you peace of mind and professional support, day or night. Our certified Maintenance Technicians are on hand 24/7/365, ready to tackle any problem swiftly.

We will coordinate maintenance and repairs once Real Property Associates manages your investment. Real Property Associates’ maintenance offers competitive pricing for our maintenance services. These services include:


Inspections & Maintenance

  Move-in and Move-out Inspections:
Guarantee detailed assessments to maintain your property.

  Certified Technicians:
Our team is here to address issues efficiently, utilizing their expertise to save you time and money.

  Mid-cycle Inspections:
Preventative measures ensure your property remains in perfect shape.

  Full-service Maintenance Management:
We take the stress off your shoulders, providing comprehensive support that minimizes owner headaches.


Ongoing Property Support

You're kept in the loop on all time-sensitive matters.

  Annual Review:
Maximizing your returns through meticulous property analysis.

  Strong Relationships:
We prize our partnerships with owners and renters, offering full legal and eviction support when needed.

For maintenance requests, please use your tenant portal. Login here or get started if you haven't set up your account yet.

Competitive Pricing

Maintenance Services:

  Landscaping: $45.00

  Cleaning: $45.00

  Maintenance: $75.00

  Skilled Labor (such as angle stops, shower valves, carpentry, woodwork, etc.): $95.00

  Plumbing: $95.00

All jobs are billed an hour minimum plus half an hour increments after the first hour. 

As of September 1, 2022, all maintenance will include a 10% trip fee.

Specialty Services

We also offer Specialty Services that cater to unique property needs. Our network of trusted professionals can handle everything from HVAC maintenance to emergency repairs, ensuring your property is in the best possible condition.

Garbage Disposals:

Real Property Associates’ maintenance offers a flat fee of $300.00 plus tax for installing and removing a 1/3 or ½ horsepower garbage disposal. Included in the flat fee is the uninstallation, removal of the old disposal, parts, labor, and clean up and disposal.

Toilet Replacements

Real Property Associates’ charges a flat fee of $320.00 plus tax to install and replace a toilet. This service includes uninstallation and removal of the old toilet, parts such as supply lines and wax rings, labor, and finally, clean up and haul away.

Hot Water Tanks

The price point for removing and installing a hot water tank varies depending on the type and size of the tank. Pricing ranges from $1050.00 to $1300.00 plus tax. All fees will include the following:

  Draining & removal of the old tank

  Parts, which include new lines, alarms, and earthquake restraints compliant with current codes


  Clean up & haul away

  6-year manufacturer’s warranty


Real Property Associates offers flat rates for Drywall repair and patchwork. All fees include materials, labor, and cleanup. Any additional holes are to be billed at regular hourly rates; some exceptions apply. 


  Non-textured Ceiling or wall under 18" squared up to 2 holes: $585.00

  Textured ceiling or wall under 18" squared up to 2 holes: $630.00

  Non-textured ceiling or wall 18"-36" squared up to 2 holes: $685.00

  Textured ceiling or wall 18” to 36” squared up to 2 holes: $750.00. Additional holes are not available under flat rate pricing and will need to be a custom bid.

For Under Sink Repairs, patchwork under bathroom or kitchen sink cabinetry will be sealed, textured, and left UNPAINTED unless requested.

  Small hole - $250.00
  Large hole - $275.00

Custom rates for larger jobs can be bid through Real Property Associates with the rate guild. Other charges may accrue for the removal of asbestos, fungus, mold, or wet insulation. Material cost will be quoted with the bid.

Work With Real Property Associates Today

Real Property Associates is committed to transparency and efficiency in all we do. We understand the value of your investments and strive to deliver the best quality service at competitive prices. We aim to build trust and ensure your property is always in the best condition, enhancing your returns and reducing worries.

Contact our dedicated team today for any questions or to schedule a service. Let Real Property Associates be your partner in property management excellence.

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