Expert Rent Collection and Accounting Services

As a landlord or rental property owner in Seattle, rent collection is one of the most challenging tasks you may face. Late payments, bounced checks, and tenants not paying on time can cause significant stress and financial strain, not to mention the time and energy it takes to chase down those missed payments. 

That's where professional Real Property Associates rent collection services come in.

Timely rent collection is pivotal for landlords, ensuring a steady flow of income and eliminating late payments. With our hassle-free rent collection service, tracking down tenant payments becomes effortless. Our secure online platform allows tenants to conveniently pay rent via credit cards, ACH transfers, or e-checks, eliminating the need for paper checks and bank visits. Saving you valuable time and effort.

Our services extend beyond rent collection. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive monthly accounting reports, granting landlords easy access to track rental income and expenses. Stay in control of your finances effortlessly by accessing these reports through our user-friendly online portal.


Full-Service Tenant Portal for Online Payments

Experience a comprehensive tenant portal that simplifies the rental process. Our platform offers a seamless way for landlords to connect with tenants, facilitating streamlined communication and efficient online transactions. From hassle-free maintenance requests to convenient online payments and essential updates, our portal eliminates the need for tedious phone calls and emails. 

Additionally, our cutting-edge tenant screening process ensures trustworthy tenants, providing peace of mind to landlords. With thorough background checks covering credit reports, criminal history, eviction records, and employment verification, you can confidently rent to responsible individuals who will cherish and maintain your property.


Rapid Resolution of Late Payments and Disputes

Our platform also offers a quick and efficient way to handle late payments and disputes. With automated reminders for rent due dates and a secure online payment system, tenants are more likely to make timely payments. In the rare case of a missed or late payment, our platform provides an easy process for landlords to follow, including sending reminders and handling any disputes that may arise.

With our platform, you no longer have to worry about missing or late payments from tenants. Our automated system ensures that all bills are paid on time and accurately reported to owners each month.


Receive Instant Updates and Notifications

Stay up to date with real-time information about your property's status. Our platform provides a centralized hub for managing maintenance requests, rental payments, lease agreements, and other critical documents. Be promptly alerted to urgent matters like repairs or lease renewals, ensuring you're in control no matter where you are.


Make Tax Time Easy with Complete Monthly and Detailed Year-End Statements

Say goodbye to the headache of organizing receipts and rental income at tax time. Our platform automatically generates detailed monthly statements and annual reports, making it easier for you or your accountant to file taxes. You can also access these statements anytime, anywhere through our online portal.

Benefits of Real Property Associates' Rent Collection Services


Effortless Rent Collection

Our secure online platform allows tenants to pay rent electronically, eliminating late payments, paper checks, and wasted time.


Clear and Concise Accounting

Get instant access to your financial health with detailed monthly reports that track income, expenses, and property performance within our user-friendly online portal.


Streamlined Communication

Our tenant portal fosters easy communication between landlords and tenants. Facilitating online rent payments, maintenance requests, and essential updates eliminates unnecessary emails and phone calls.

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Peace-of-Mind Tenant Screening

We conduct thorough background checks, including credit reports, criminal history, eviction records, and employment verification, ensuring responsible tenants who respect your property.

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Reduced Late Payments and Disputes

Automated reminders and a secure online payment system encourage timely payments. For rare late payments, our system simplifies dispute resolution.

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Real-Time Property Updates

Stay informed with instant alerts on maintenance requests, rental payments, lease renewals, and other critical matters. Manage your properties remotely with complete confidence.

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Focus on Growth

Free yourself from tedious tasks and focus on building your rental property portfolio. Let our experienced professionals handle the day-to-day operations.

Professional Rent Collection Services with Real Property Associates

It is clear that having a comprehensive rent collection and accounting solution in place can greatly improve the efficiency and ease of managing rental properties. With features such as an online tenant portal for easy payments, rapid resolution of late payments and disputes, and receiving instant updates and notifications, landlords can save valuable time and resources. Not to mention, during tax season, having access to complete monthly statements and detailed year-end reports can make the process stress-free. By using such a system, landlords can focus on other aspects of their business while leaving the tedious tasks of rent collection and accounting to professionals. 

So why wait? Contact us now to learn more about our full-service solutions and see how we can help streamline your rental property management. Let us handle the numbers so you can focus on what truly matters - growing your business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make your life easier with our comprehensive services. Never miss another rent payment again with our efficient collection and accounting services!

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