Kathy Lehman

Sr. Property Manager

Kathy began her career at RPA in 2004 as a Real Estate Agent with an interest in making a transition into property management. Presently she manages a large portfolio of residential properties with the help of her husband and assistant, Rick Lehman.
Kathy and Rick pride themselves on their high attention to detail and diligence in placing great tenants. Their passion for their profession is reflected in the exceptional service provided to their clients.

Kathy and Rick are both lifelong residents of the Seattle area and have two grown sons who both live close by.



"Kathy & Rick, I want to reiterate how pleased we have been with RPA's services." -  Heidi S.


"Moving is always hard on everyone but we are blessed with meeting people that helped us greatly along the way...our real estate agent who was willing to accommodate our schedules, our loan officer who helped us move the loan process faster, and Kathy Lehman for helping us rent out our house so fast and getting back to us quickly. We really appreciate all you and Kathy have done." - Vivian L

"Kathy, Working with you is such a breath of fresh air compared to (other company)." -  Maureen R.

"Kathy & Rick, I want to thank you for taking care of the kitchen fan, faucet, and light switch so quickly and so well. Lynn & Josh did a great job. The new water faucet has great water pressure - quite a change. Also, the lawn and garden care was terrific, the complex looks great. And, for repairing the laundry sink which doesn't leak anymore. Many tenants use the sink a lot and will be quite happy about the repair." -  Kathy R.