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Maintenance Request
Lost Keys

If you are locked out of your residence during normal business hours, please call our office and we may be able to assist you. If you are locked out after our normal business hours, do not call the emergency pager number. Tenants will be charged additional fees if RPA Maintenance are called for lockout services.

We recommend calling a locksmith for after hours lockouts.

AC Lock-N-Key

AC Lock-N-Key
Phone: (206) 550-5357
They offer 24/7 lockout services for properties located from West Seattle and Renton to Lynnwood to Bothell and their rates range from $85-$95.
Final Move-In Report

Your final move-in report is due 14 days after your lease begins. Mail or hand-deliver this report to: RPA - 7500 Roosevelt Way NE – Seattle 98115.


Set up your City Light account by calling (206) 684-3000 or use their online form Please forward your confirmation by email to your property manager.

Don't Get Locked Out

It’s a great idea to give an extra key to a friend or neighbor. A 'locksmith' fee is charged to you anytime RPA is called to unlock your door.

Late Payment Charge

Rent IN FULL is due on the 1st of each month. For rent that is received after 5:00 PM of the 4th day of any month, a $10 late charge will be due for each day rent is delinquent from the 2nd day of the month until rent is paid in full.

Maintenance Issues

Anytime there is a maintenance issue, you can call or email your property manager or fill out RPA’s online Maintenance Request form on our website located under the Tenant Services menu.

Emergency Numbers

Need to report an emergency, such as fire or flood (after you’ve called 911)?
Business Hours: (206) 523-0300
After Hours: (206) 617-8589

Moving out - Moving on?

Written notice to vacate must be presented to RPA 20 days prior to the last day of the month. Please refer to your lease for terms and move-out procedures. Once notice to vacate has been received, you will be provided with a copy of tenant vacating instructions - direct link:

Here's a link to Seattle Movers providing full service moving and storage at reduced rates.