Choosing Kirkland as your destination to build a real estate investment portfolio is a smart decision! Whether you're turning your home into a rental as a first-time investor or you want to add more properties to your portfolio, you're in the right place to grow your long-term wealth. 

While there's definitely money to be made as an investor here, making sure you follow the laws is a critical part of protecting your properties and income. Investors will find a heavily legislated area for rental homes when choosing Kirkland—but it's also full of opportunity and profit potential when partnering with the right professional help. 

Expert property management, Kirkland investors, is the best way to get the most out of your investments while keeping track of (and following) local, state, and federal rental property regulations. You don't have to worry about your property violating any rules when you trust Real Property Associates to handle your rental management. Here's how we protect your property and grow your profits!

Setting the Right Rental Price

Price is an important factor that can determine your success as a rental property investor. The Kirkland area is a popular place for renters. Staying competitive in the market means watching monthly rent prices and making sure your property can attract quality residents despite other similar properties! However, it's not a guessing game.

Setting the right rental price requires rental market analysis and expert insight into what will generate the most profits and bring the best renters to your property. The wrong rental price is an expensive mistake that can cause a detour for your long-term income. 

When the monthly price isn't ideal, you'll see the effects to your bottom line:

  • A price that's too high deters quality renters from choosing your property: Renters don't want to overpay for a rental home when they can find something similar at a more reasonable, competitive price. The longer your property sits empty, you lose rental income. 
  • A price that's too low means you lose money every month: If renters are paying below market value throughout their lease term, you aren't making enough money from your property! 

Even if you are dealing with a vacancy, lower isn't always better. However, with expert insight from property management, Kirkland investors, the monthly rent you charge will be the best price for the market—and you'll attract the best quality residents to your property. 

Choosing the Best Renters

Your next renter isn't the one that looks best on paper. Before selecting a resident, property owners must rely on a thorough screening process to ensure the placement of a quality renter. Without digging deeper into the details listed on a rental application, you risk allowing a bad renter into your property. 

When running a background check on an applicant, property owners must also follow the law. If you're not familiar with all of the rules required to maintain a legal and fair screening process, that's okay! At Real Property Associates, we stay on top of changing laws and follows a strict screening process to protect investors.


Legal Screening Isn't Optional


When property owners commit to a thorough screening process, you reduce the risks to your investment properties. No matter the circumstances, skipping a screening—or not adhering to rental law in Washington state—can create expensive problems.  

Save Yourself From Bad Residents

Picking a renter without doing a thorough background check can put a bad renter in your property. Bad renters:

  • Don't pay the rent
  • Damage your property
  • Abandon your property without notice
  • Are hard to remove through the legal process.

Applying a thorough screening process is worth the time to make sure you never allow a bad resident to move into your property! Dealing with the ongoing problems and aftermath of a bad renter situation can put a significant dent in your rental property income. 

Save Yourself Expensive Lawsuits

Property owners can be selective when choosing a renter and using a screening process. However, you cannot apply discriminatory practices during your selection process. 

A property manager benefits investors greatly when it's time to screen renters. We make sure your decision isn't based on:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Preferences
  • Family situations
  • Other discriminatory criteria.

A legal screening process digs into an applicant's background without violating regulations or discrimination. Professional property management, Kirkland investors, is the best way to operate a legal, thorough screening process to protect your investment—and profits!


Bad Renters Require Legal Management


Even with an excellent screening process, bad renters happen sometimes. Managing every resident requires the right legal practices, and dealing with bad renters requires special attention to federal, state, and King County regulations. The wrong actions can lead to a lawsuit—and a loss of your investment properties and income.

  • There are several ways to encourage a renter to leave your property before getting to the last resort of eviction.
  • Depending on what's best for your property, your investment business, and what's currently allowed according to local regulations, an eviction might become the only way to resolve a rough situation. 

As property managers in Kirkland, we know evictions are heavily regulated. During a crisis, an eviction might not be an immediate option to resolve a situation. However, when you choose Real Property Associates, investors don't have to worry about dealing with bad renters—or when and how to handle the eviction process

Providing the Best Quality Maintenance Services

Local renters look for rental homes that offer professional maintenance services. In this competitive market, DIY maintenance solutions might not put you ahead of other properties when renters choose their next home. 

Your rental properties must also meet the requirements for safe housing in Kirkland. With professional-quality maintenance services, you never have to worry if your property fails to meet local codes or complies with regulations for safe rental housing. 

Professional property management, Kirkland investors, prioritizes maintenance for rental properties. We understand the impact on your bottom line when your property falls into disrepair or when renters aren't satisfied with the maintenance you provide. 

Our services include:

  • Scheduled property inspections, including move-in, move-out, and mid-lease
  • 24/7 responses to renter maintenance emergencies
  • Year-round preventative maintenance.

If your property needs a few upgrades to stay competitive, we can make those recommendations and handle the renovations, too. We know what renters want from rental homes in the area. If your property is losing money because it lacks critical features for today's renters, we'll help you understand the beneficial impact of essential improvements and make sure they happen!

Property Management Helps Investors Make More Money

Investors make more money when their properties are well-maintained, offer in-demand features, attract quality renters, and operate within the many regulations of the Kirkland rental market. The best way to make sure your property accomplishes these feats is with the help of professional property management Kirkland investors need!

Real Property Associates understands the intricacies of managing successful rental properties in this area! We help investors make more money from their properties while keeping up with changing regulations. You don't have to keep up with the rules when you have a property manager to ensure that your properties follow every rule! It's one of the many things we do to help investors build more long-term wealth through rental property.

Let's start by making sure your property rents at the right price! Contact us for a free rental analysis and find out if you're losing money from your property.

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