Real estate has made a tremendous recovery since the market crash of 2007; more and more first-time landlords are rapidly turning into long-term investors with a healthy portfolio. To keep growing—especially in the Seattle area where technology has created a new class of modern renter—you need the competitive edge that property management can provide!


Why property management? Take a look at our top 10 reasons for how an expert property manager keeps your Seattle area portfolio growing strong!



Renter-Landlord laws are rapidly changing—not just in Seattle, but throughout the state of Washington. Government funding and educational awareness of developing regulations trend heavily towards favoring residents—not investors. At Real Property Associates, we continue to stay in step with the latest legislation to make sure our owners are protected and their interests represented.



As a company with nearly 30 years of management under our belts, Real Property Associates has seen a lot—and if we haven’t seen it before, we’ll help to figure it out! With a highly-experienced property management team, we work together to share information to serve our clients and help resolve the challenges that arise for rental property owners.



Exclusive to our owners only, we offer quick, responsive maintenance services to keep resident satisfaction at its peak—and keep your portfolio profitable. Initially developed to help our owners avoid costly minimum service charges, the maintenance we offer is second to none! Our well-stocked service team addresses your rental maintenance needs in a timely manner.



Our decades of experience in serving the Seattle and the Puget Sound region have helped us develop a strong network of vendors and service providers—and pass these savings along to you! At Real Property Associates, we have thoroughly vetted vendors and providers to find the most reliable, reasonable, and responsive services in Seattle.



At Real Property Associates, our maintenance team also acts as a 24-hour emergency hotline for every resident we serve. In the event of a major emergency, our renters can live comfortably knowing they have someone to call.



In addition to staying current with the changing legal landscape of the Seattle area, Real Property Associates works hard to keep in sync with the latest in rental technology. The modern renter has certain views about what they should receive from a rental; we strive to not only speak their language—but also to provide service that exceeds their expectations. Whether it’s through our tenant and owner portals which offer immediate access to reports and records or our scheduling apps, We are your access point for staying relevant in today’s rental market.



Real Property Associates makes utilities part of our business! Whether your utilities are straightforward or involve a little more calculating, we have the methods and experience to fairly and efficiently manage utility bills with your residents.



Through tools like protective leases, property inspections, and excellent communication, Real Property Associates works with your residents to set them up for success! We educate our renters on common rental issues and try to prevent problems before they happen. A proactive approach to management keeps your properties consistently profitable and performing at their peak.



Even with hands-on management and expert maintenance, sometimes, things fall apart. When they do, Real Property Associates stands by our landlords and devotes our resources to finding the best solution to protect you and your properties. In most cases, RPA property managers can work with renters to get things back on track. When communication breaks down, we are prepared to work on behalf of the owner with collections, evictions, or even small claims court. At Real Property Associates, we put you first!



Step away from the hassle of property management and turn it over to the Seattle professionals who treat your property as if it were our own. Many of our property managers are small-scale landlords themselves! Our inside perspective on management helps us to make educated, fair, and financially efficient choices to help maximize returns for our owners.


If this level of service sounds like what you’ve been missing when it comes to your portfolio, consider our experience at your disposal! While we believe every landlord is skilled at wearing many hats in the course of owning holdings, it only takes one troubled property to realize the benefits of having a professional on your side! Let us handle the fine details so that you can get back to working on the big picture.