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5.8 Percent Jump in Rents in Seattle Area Despite the construction of more new apartments this year than in any year in the past two decades, rent prices in King and Snohomish counties have continued to rise while...

Billionaire Buys 10,000 Rental Homes; Now Owns Second Most SFR’s in U.S.

Looks like some smart money is chasing single family rentals.  Billionaire B. Wayne Hughes rocketed to the #2 spot for single family rentals owned by purchasing 10,000 homes via his American Homes 4 Rent company.

Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager Sarah Gabot, writing for Zillow, outlines 5 reasons you may want someone helping you with property management for your Seattle area home.

Single Family House Rents Going Through The Roof in California; Is Seattle Far Behind?

California cities claimed seven spots on a top 10 list of cities experiencing the highest rental price increases for three-bedroom, single-family homes.

1.7 Million New Renters Through 2015; Single Family Rentals Grow By 3 Million.

The Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) Multifamily Research Group today released its multifamily real estate market demand forecast for the next several years.  The paper forecasts that the demand for rental housing will remain solid through 2015.

Six Suggestions For Owners Who Rent Their Homes Or Apartments To Pet Owners

According to an MSN article, investors and owners of single family homes and apartments who ignore potential tenants with pets are making a mistake (see our previous post on the subject for reasons why).

Study Shows Six Great Reasons Why Property Owners Should Allow Pets In Their Rental Homes and Apartments

In what may be the only published research on the subject, a FIREPAW study found that apartments that accepted pets not only didn't lose money, they actually gained more, to the tune of nearly $3,000 per apartment, per year. Property managers with...

Urban Land Institute Says Seattle One Of Best Real Estate Markets In United States

In what should come as great news for Seattle rental property owners, Seattle is one of the best real estate markets in the United States, according to the Urban Land Institute’s influential Emerging Trends report, which digs deep into the prospects...
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