Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

By Dylan

Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

Sarah Gabot, writing for Zillow, outlines 5 reasons you may want someone helping you with property management for your Seattle area home.

She notes the following reasons for hiring a property management firm:

1.  Fewer problem tenants.  Professional firms tend to screen tenants more aggressively.

2.  Tenant communication.  When an owner is working or on vacation, how does a tenant get someone to fix that leaking toilet?

3.  Reduced tenant turnover.  This follows from point 2, tenant communication.  Happy, well served tenants stay in properties longer.

4.  On time rent.  Property management firms have automated, even online processes to collect rent.  No need to take mailed checks to the bank and wonder if they will clear.

5.  Less stress on owner.  Tenants ask questions and want attention.  Sometimes they don’t pay on time or violate the lease.  When questions or problems come up, a professional can handle them for you.

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