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    By Real Property Associates  |  Mar 7 2024

    Should You Become a Landlord in Seattle?

    Updated March 7, 2024. As the best property management Seattle offers, it's understandable to us tha...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Sep 28 2023

    Raise the Rent: Seattle Property Management Tips to Keep More Renters

    Published March 12, 2020. Updated September 28, 2023 Before you advertise your Seattle rental proper...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Jun 22 2023

    Should I Rent My Home or Sell It? Expert Insights for Long-Term Wealth

    Published February 6, 2020. Updated June 22, 2023. Moving into your next phase of life in Seattle is...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Jan 21 2021

    Real Estate Entities: Insight From Seattle Property Management

    Please note: This article is not legal advice. For up-to-date information and guidance, reach out to...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Aug 6 2020

    'Smart' Upgrades for Home Rentals Seattle Investors NEED to Make!

    Updated October 28, 2022. Something is exciting about being part of the technological age, especiall...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Mar 19 2020

    Write Effective Property Listings: Tips From Seattle Property Managers

    Updated February 3, 2022 What's the buzz on your investment properties in Seattle? If people aren't ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Mar 30 2018

    Seattle's "first-come, first-served" Rental Law Rejected by Judge

    Judge rejects Seattle’s ‘first-come, first-served’ rental law as unconstitutional Choosing a tenant ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Feb 10 2018

    Get Ready for Higher Property Taxes in King County

    The largest property-tax increase in King County in modern history is about to go into effect:

    By Lynn Post  |  Jan 10 2018

    The Seattle Rental Market – A Look Back and Forward to 2018

    As we enter our 28th year in business and look forward to a new year, we certainly want to recognize...

    By Lynn Post  |  Jan 2 2018

    Americans Moving Less

    Though you wouldn't know it based on the influx of new residents and construction of high-rise apart...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 19 2017

    The BLOCK Project Building Tiny Houses for Seattle's Homeless

    Check out this article in Yes! Magazine to see how some local Seattle folks are taking a grassroots ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 15 2017

    How the GOP Tax Cut Affects Homeowners

    According to this article in Business Insider, both the House and Senate versions of the GOP tax cut...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 12 2017

    New Regulations for Short-Term Seattle Rentals

    In addition to the new Airbnb and other short-term rental taxes voted on by the City Council last mo...

    By Lynn Post  |  Nov 15 2017

    New Tax for Airbnb Rentals

    On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted in favor of a per-night tax on short-term rental propertie...

    By Lynn Post  |  Oct 31 2017

    Is the Seattle Real Estate Bubble Going To Burst?

    Not anytime soon, according to this Seattle Times article by Mike Rosenburg. Seattle has been the ho...

    By Victoria Ormsby  |  Feb 1 2017

    Seattle is #1 Housing Market - Once Again

    By Jay  |  Jan 18 2017

    Best Rental Improvements for Top Dollar Rent in Seattle

    To earn top rent in the Seattle market, you need to provide a property that’s desirable and modern. ...

    By Jay  |  Dec 22 2016

    Someone found some humor in the Seattle rental market

    THE SEATTLE TIMES BENJAMIN WOODARD ‘Sweet deal’: Ad for $2,000-a-month gingerbread house in Central ...

    By Jay  |  Dec 7 2016

    Seattle Property Management News: New “First in Time” Ordinance

    An important update that will soon affect landlords, property managers and owners of rental property...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    Seattle's Rental Law and Unintended Consequences

    The first-come, first served renter's law has the best of intentions. But sometimes interventions in...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    As housing costs soar, Seattle becomes nation’s top roommate city

    As living solo becomes more expensive, finding a roommate is essential for many city residents. Seat...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    Most Home Buyers Keep Their Options Open, Consider Renting Instead

    SEATTLE, Oct. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's competitive housing market, most of those who move...

    By Jay  |  Oct 6 2016

    Seattle Energy Benchmarking & Reporting

    All mid-size to large apartment and commercial buildings in the city of Seattle are required to repo...

    By Jay  |  Jun 16 2016

    City of Seattle Vs Airbnb - the future of short term rentals

    Over the last few years, all of us who are in the Seattle property management business have seen the...

    By Jay  |  May 13 2016

    Fewer and fewer failed construction projects remain

    September of 2007 is widely recognized as the market peak for the Seattle area real estate market in...

    By Gordon Stephenson  |  Apr 25 2016

    What is the right amount to save for a down payment on a home?

    There was a good, national article posted in the Times over the weekend that talks about the amount ...

    By Gordon Stephenson  |  Mar 22 2016

    Seattle Rents = 50% of San Francisco Median Rents

    THE ZUMPER BLOG Zumper National Rent Report: March 2016 San Francisco, CA rent prices increased 2.6%...

    By Larry  |  Feb 28 2016

    Approval of 12-story Pioneer Square building overturned


    By Jay  |  Feb 9 2016

    As elsewhere - RPA sees a lack of housing inventory a game changer

    For February - Depleted inventory is contributing to "overwhelming" traffic at open houses, shifts i...

    By Jay  |  Jan 28 2016

    Seattle area home-price gains outpace national rate

    The average price of existing single-family homes in the Seattle area jumped 1.2 percent in November...

    By Victoria Ormsby  |  Jan 21 2016

    Opponents decry proposed 12-story Pioneer Square tower


    By Victoria Ormsby  |  Jan 19 2016

    RPA Leases Properties for Chinese Buyers - As -Reported in the Times

    With volatility and devaluation at home, Chinese investors have become the No. 1 foreign purchasers ...

    By Jay  |  Jan 19 2016

    Great South Lake Union Comparison - How Times Have Changed!

    South Lake Union’s transformation — largely fueled by the growth of its highest-profile employer, Am...

    By Jay  |  Apr 9 2014

    Rising rents, rising towers push out tenants of modest means

    By Jay  |  Mar 11 2014

    Wall Street buyers snap up thousands of local homes for rentals

    By Jay  |  Jan 6 2014

    Census surprise: Seattle the most affordable big city for renters

    By Jay  |  Dec 2 2013

    Visions for the U District: taller, vital and still funky

    City planning efforts for the University District envision more density around a future light-rail s...

    By Jay  |  Oct 4 2013

    Apartment Market Tightens as Housing Costs Jump By DAWN WOTAPKA Landl...

    By Jay  |  Sep 30 2013

    Local apartment rents continue climbing Rent hikes in King Coun...

    By Jay  |  Sep 23 2013

    Scammers right at home in sizzling rental market The Crai...

    By Dylan  |  Jul 3 2013

    5.8 Percent Jump in Rents in Seattle Area Despite the constructi...

    By Dylan  |  Apr 8 2013

    Billionaire Buys 10,000 Rental Homes; Now Owns Second Most SFR’s in U.S.

    Looks like some smart money is chasing single family rentals. Billionaire B. Wayne Hughes rocketed t...

    By Dylan  |  Mar 25 2013

    Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

    Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager Sarah Gabot, writing for Zillow, outlines 5 reasons you m...

    By Dylan  |  Dec 10 2012

    1.7 Million New Renters, Single Family Rentals Grow By 3 Million

    The Freddie Mac (OTC: FMCC) Multifamily Research Group today released its multifamily real estate ma...

    By Dylan  |  Nov 19 2012

    Urban Land Institute Says Seattle One Of Best Real Estate Markets

    In what should come as great news for Seattle rental property owners, Seattle is one of the best rea...

    By Jay  |  Oct 31 2012

    RPA Owner Jay Young Interview About Problem Tenants By Bloomberg News

    Jay Young, owner of Seattle area Real Property Associates for 21 years, was recently interviewed abo...