POSTED ON Oct 5, 2016 5:25:38 PM / by Jay

Seattle Energy Benchmarking & Reporting

benchmarking-bannerAll mid-size to large apartment and commercial buildings in the city of Seattle are required to report energy consumption. If you do not report this information annually, you will be subject to a fine. One of the positive things that this does is provide a good year over year comparison to see how your building is consuming energy. You also get to see how your building scores compared with other buildings of similar size in the city of Seattle.

Below is an example of the feedback that we received from a 24 unit apartment building in the U District form the City of Seattle. This building is one of Seattle's top performing mid-rise buildings and uses 25% less energy annually, per square foot than similar properties. Future plans to further decrease consumption include installing photo cells for common area lighting versus the timer(s) that are currently on the building.