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    By Real Property Associates  |  Feb 11 2021

    Invest in Our Area Long Distance With Seattle Property Managers

    Real estate investors with big goals often look outside of their local rental markets to grow larger...

    By Real Property Associates  |  Mar 5 2020

    How To Know if a Seattle Property Is a Good Real Estate Investment

    Updated January 13, 2022 How can a property investor in Seattle know if they're considering a proper...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 19 2017

    The BLOCK Project Building Tiny Houses for Seattle's Homeless

    Check out this article in Yes! Magazine to see how some local Seattle folks are taking a grassroots ...

    By Larry  |  Dec 4 2017

    Toys for Tots at RPA

    Once again RPA is proud to sponsor #ToysforTots this holiday season! If you would like to participat...

    By Lynn Post  |  Nov 28 2017

    Find a Home, Become a Star!

    If you, or someone you know, will be looking for a home to rent in Seattle in early 2018, check out ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Nov 15 2017

    New Tax for Airbnb Rentals

    On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted in favor of a per-night tax on short-term rental propertie...

    By Jay  |  Oct 6 2016

    Seattle Energy Benchmarking & Reporting

    All mid-size to large apartment and commercial buildings in the city of Seattle are required to repo...

    By Jay  |  Sep 13 2016

    Proposed Zoning Changes for the University District

    RPA has several buildings that we manage within the newly proposed density overlay as discussed in t...

    By Jay  |  Jun 16 2016

    City of Seattle Vs Airbnb - the future of short term rentals

    Over the last few years, all of us who are in the Seattle property management business have seen the...

    By Jay  |  May 13 2016

    Fewer and fewer failed construction projects remain

    September of 2007 is widely recognized as the market peak for the Seattle area real estate market in...

    By Larry  |  Feb 28 2016

    Approval of 12-story Pioneer Square building overturned


    By Jay  |  Feb 4 2016

    Roosevelt comes in as #10 in forecast of Nation's hottest RE neighborhoods.

    Redfin (, the next-generation real estate brokerage, today announced its annual list ...

    By Victoria Ormsby  |  Jan 21 2016

    Opponents decry proposed 12-story Pioneer Square tower


    By Jay  |  Jan 19 2016

    Great South Lake Union Comparison in the Times Today - How Times Have Changed!

    South Lake Union’s transformation — largely fueled by the growth of its highest-profile employer, Am...

    By Jay  |  Dec 2 2013

    Visions for the U District: taller, vital and still funky

    City planning efforts for the University District envision more density around a future light-rail s...