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Real estate investors with big goals often look outside of their local rental markets to grow larger portfolios. The income from a few rental properties is an excellent way to build more long-term wealth. More properties in more markets (like Seattle) can generate even more revenue to reach your financial goals. 

Whether your local market is struggling—or it's doing well, but you still want to explore what's available in other markets around the country—investing in real estate in another state is a smart way to stabilize your portfolio and ensure consistency when various markets fluctuate. 

When choosing a long-distance investment, property owners need the best local help to find and manage profitable investments. Make more money from out-of-state investments with these insights from expert Seattle property managers!

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Strong Markets Can Be Far Away

We realize there's no place like home. However, when growing your passive real estate income, it often pays off to venture into markets that can be far away from where you live. 

Many real estate investors start their portfolios with local rental properties—but you don't have to stay local. Choosing long-distance investment opportunities can strengthen your cash flow and boost your income faster than restricting yourself to nearby properties. 

In a market like Seattlewhere the number of home renters is equal to the number of homeowners—investors can't afford to miss out on purchasing cash-flowing real estate. We have a rental housing environment that benefits investors from all over the country, but you need the best property management in Seattle to choose the best properties to fit your portfolio. 

Research Leads the Way

You need trusted local partnerships to help with research and property management in markets where you can't keep a year-round eye on trends, available properties, and your investments. 

Choosing rental properties in a market outside of your local area requires the same type of due diligence you conduct when purchasing a new property in your hometown. However, you must rely on local experts to deliver the research you need and guide you to the best properties for your portfolio.

Your partners must:

  • Understand the Seattle rental market
  • Know the ins and outs of operating a Seattle rental property according to local and state laws
  • Have access to rental market research and find (or price) investment properties that are the right fit for you
  • Apply industry expertise to evaluate rental properties to help you make the best choices when growing your portfolio.

Before you pick what might look like a suitable property through an online property search, get insights from the best Seattle property managersThey can dig deeper than the information you might find online to help you avoid a potential investment mistake and a bad property. 

Trust the Best Experts for Ongoing Care

Finding the right properties in out-of-state markets is only part of growing a successful long-distance portfolio. When you add properties, you need the best local experts to handle the ongoing care of your rentals and residents. 

The right property manager does it all for long-distance investors. We help you research and purchase rental properties with the best potential for more income. Then we provide year-round care for your investments. It's easier (and more profitable) to invest outside of your local market when you have one Seattle partner who understands your goals, finds properties that match your goals, then manages them for maximum profit. 

The best experts:

  • Know how to market your properties to target your ideal local renters
  • Screen potential renters to place the best quality residents
  • Collect the rent (on time every month)
  • Provide year-round routine maintenance to protect your properties and keep residents safe
  • Respond quickly (24/7) to renter emergencies 
  • Deliver quality property repairs with a network of vetted contractors
  • Follow the laws to keep your rentals compliant (even when laws change)
  • Provide financial reports, so you never wonder about the status of your long-distance investments.

It takes a lot of work to generate the income investors need to maximize their rental properties. Make sure you choose the best property management in Seattle to care for your properties here and watch your income grow!

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Invest in Seattle to Grow Your Long-Term Wealth

Long-distance investing is one of the best ways to minimize the impact on your income if something goes wrong with your rentals in one market or another. It's also a smart way to expand your real estate portfolio beyond your local market and watch your passive real estate income grow—no matter where you live!

When you choose our market, be sure to partner with the best Seattle property managers. Real Property Associates loves helping out-of-state investors benefit from everything this rental market has to offer. With our extensive local experience and services that exceed investors' expectations, we're here to help you grow your long-term wealth and deliver peace of mind.

If you're ready to learn more about the benefits of property management services when growing your portfolio abroad, download your free copy of our guide to real estate investing!

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