How Home Tech Devices Can Make Your Seattle Rental More Profitable

By Real Property Associates

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Successful rental property owners know how important it is to stay current with the latest trends in technology. The home tech industry has changed drastically over the last few years, and rental property management companies recommend adapting to meet these changes. 

Many Seattle rental property management experts know that adding new features to their homes like smart locks, smart thermostats, and other home automation devices can make a more profitable rental real estate investment business! What features should real estate investors consider? Check out these ideas that can boost your return on investment.

What Are Home Tech Devices? 

Home tech devices are items you can use in your rental home to help make living there more convenient. 

You probably already know about upgrading locks to smart locks. Property managers recommend these locks as one of the best ways to upgrade and improve your rental property's convenience, enhance the renter experience, and save time when "changing" the locks between residents. Property management experts know that not only will smart locks increase security, but they also provide owners with an easy way for renters to enter their homes without having keys! In addition, these locks connect via Bluetooth, so you don't have to worry about losing access if something goes wrong. 

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Adding Voice Assistants

Google Home and Amazon Alexa are voice assistants that enable users to interact with apps using verbal commands, rather than touching screens on mobile phones or tablets. These technologies allow renters to control lighting, open and close a garage door, adjust the thermostat, and unlock the front door simply by speaking to the app. 

A Seattle property management expert will tell you that adding this type of rental property technology helps create a more efficient rental experience for renters. Voice assistants allow you to add smart features that make a rental house feel like a home for your residents without making significant property updates. Property owners can simply install voice assistants that allow renters to connect their smartphones to smart features through an app. 

Renters can lock the front door remotely, tell Alexa to turn on interior or exterior lights while not at home or adjust the thermostat to cool the house before they return home. In many cases, these features can help your Seattle property stand out from other similar homes in the marketgiving you an edge over the competition! 

When Luxury Becomes a Necessity

While your first impression of adding Alexa-enabled devices to your rental property might be that it's simply a luxury, these features are becoming more common. A Seattle property management company knows that when small luxuries become a routine part of life for renters, they also become a necessity to attract quality residents and improve your return on investment!

Yes, it's true that renters are always looking for properties with updated kitchens and bathroomsbut they're also interested in small conveniences that make life easier between juggling kids, jobs, and everyday activities. When your real estate investment property offers the small details of being able to arm the property's security system simply by speaking, you increase the ability to find quality renters faster.

Rental homeowners who want to attract top-quality residents can advertise these features when creating rental listings. Google Home can become one of the top-selling points for your rental! As residents learn to enjoy life in your rentals with these automated home features, they might also be more likely to renew their lease rather than lose these convenience and safety features that might not exist in other Seattle rental homes. 

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Home Automation Is an Easy Upgrade

The best Seattle property management teams know that making smart upgrades helps investors generate more income from rental properties. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on significant renovations to boost the value and appeal of your home. 

Adding home automation features is an easy (and cost-effective) upgrade that can boost the appeal of your home and increase your return on investment. A property manager can help you install these features during the make-ready process before your next renter moves in.

Don't Overdo It

While the right amount of tech enhances your rental property, our Seattle property management experts warn of adding too many automated features that make it difficult to operate the property. If the power goes out or your renters prefer not to engage with Alexa, they should still be able to lock the front door and close the garage. 

Get Smart With Home Technology and a Seattle Property Management Company!

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase the value of your rental property and attract quality renters, now is the time. The best property management Seattle offers knows that home tech devices are on-trend right now, so adding Alexa or Google Home features to your properties can help bring in higher rents from renters who want this high technology experience. 

Real Property Associates helps investors make smart upgrades that increase revenue and boost returns. Reach out to us today for more information about how we can help you maximize your return on investment. 

Get more expert tips to boost ROIs! Download our free guide, "10 Things You Should Do To Increase the ROI for Your Investment Property."

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