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Moving to Seattle is simply amazing; try asking anyone who resides in Seattle also referred to as "The Emerald City"! They may have a few quibbles about its traffic and graffiti - but what large city doesn't? And if you ask them directly whether they have any intentions of leaving the city at some point in time, most of them will give you a straight NO for an answer.

Seattle's appeal as an ideal place for property investors to own rentals and the overall rental availability does not just resonate with the local Seattle rental property investors, but also outsiders as well. As a matter of fact, recent data reveal that there is a growing number of Americans who are resettling to Seattle annually. A recent U.S. Census found that the Seattle a.k.a. Emerald City is the fourth fastest growing metropolis in the country.

While Seattle certainly shares a lot of features with several other large cities in the US, there are plenty of things that are unique to Seattle including scenic bodies of water, great coffee, breathtaking views, and one-of-a-kind food and family culture.

Now if you're thinking about moving to Seattle sometime soon, and you are looking to rent, you might want to know which of its places are best for rentals.

Leading property management company shares its list of best neighborhoods for Seattle area rentals.

Ballard is currently the most popular neighborhood for Seattle rental properties and there is a pretty long list of reasons why. It is richly endowed with Nordic History that is well documented in its Nordic Heritage Museum. Its avenues and streets are littered with a variety of shops and boutiques that offer an array of products ready to satisfy every discerning shopper's taste.

The famous neighborhood is also home to some Emerald City's finest restaurants and cafes including Wild Mountain Cafe, Ballard Pizza, and Bastille Cafe and Bar. You can relish an exceptional meal at any given the time of day on any of these prominent local restaurants and cafes. You can also enjoy a perfect summer night together with your family and friends around a bonfire in the beach at Golden Gardens Park - the only beach in Seattle that allows bonfires.

At Ballard, there is truly no shortage of unique attractions or fantastic rental properties that can appeal to different kinds of people and taste.

Capitol Hill
Aside from being a metonym for the United States Congress, Capitol Hill is also one of the most heavily populated areas of Seattle and is the biggest historic residential neighborhood in Washington. That means that it is full of fantastic rentals and it's also a focal point of American music particularly the Grunge era that started at the mid-1980's.

At Capitol Hill, you will find an assortment of residential rental buildings, including studio apartments and even courtly mansions. There are great rentals for everyone. For people who are fond of shopping, taking part in concerts and parties of all sorts, or indulging a glass of beer or two alongside good music, food, and people, Capitol Hill is the best place to be in Seattle. It also features one of the Emerald City's most prominent monuments and historical buildings such as the very first Starbucks and Top Pot Doughnuts.

Queen Anne
Queen Anne is settled nicely on top of a 456-foot hill in Seattle, providing rental residents with a free scenic view of Space Needle, city skyline, Mount Rainier and Elliott Bay from different vantage points, but especially if you are situated in one of its hilltop parks such as Marshall and Kerry parks. Most of the time, you will find the place peaceful and pleasant with minimal crime and a superb array of cafes, restaurants, and shops along its avenue above the hill.

The housing in Queen Anne is largely dominated with single-family rental homes, craftsman-style houses including Tudor style, Colonial Revival rentals and many more. There are also stately mansions, such as Queen Anne-style houses that brought its name. It also features modern housing units and structures and more recent townhomes as well.

University District
It’s also widely known to its residents as the "U District" although one doesn't necessarily have to be in college to appreciate what University District has to offer. Aside from the famed University of Washington, there are an array of walking and biking trails, a diverse selection of taverns and microbreweries, and yearly fairs during the month of May, that will keep you busy the whole year long.

You can also find several renowned buildings and sites at University District such as the Blue Moon Tavern, Seattle's infamous bar that's been around since your grandparents were young, and Big Time, the City's first ever brewpub. As a student area, there are plenty of rentals to choose from, too!

West Seattle
A quick search in American history reveals that the first wave of European migrants landed in West Seattle back in 1851. Unfortunately, their grand vision of a fruitful resettlement was hampered by severe weather and a poorly functional harbor. There was a handful who thrived under such challenging conditions however but the rest decided to move to nearby Elliot Bay. Ever since then, West Seattle became a distinct place with an aura and vibe that is unique to the entire Emerald City.

During pleasant days, there is no better place to be than Alki. There is a never-ending array of activities that you can indulge on at the place, from ordinary walks and treks to more adrenaline pumping kitesurfing. You can also find not so well known parks that are very much worth visiting including Mee Kwa Mooks and Lincoln parks.

West Seattle's very own California Avenue and Admiral way also have more than enough to offer to the avid adventurer. From music shops, pastry stores, bars, and salons, you can spend all day jumping from one enticing spot to the next. The majority of the things you can find in West Seattle are unique to the neighborhood which means you won't find them in other places in Seattle! Maybe that’s why rental residents love it so much.

Seattle's downtown area is the city's focal point for business although it's overall atmosphere screams more of fun than trade—and it is still a great place to find rentals. Some of the things that may catch your interest include the one and only Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum, and the Olympic Sculpture Park. Its shopping center is also in perfect harmony with its primary district of finance while its Seattle Central Library is awe-inspiring.
North Seattle
North Seattle is an area in Seattle that covers numerous rental neighborhoods including Olympic Hills, Victory Heights, Pinehurst, Maple Leaf and Matthews Beach. In North Seattle, there are plenty of worthwhile places that you can visit including Jackson Park Golf Course, Victory Creek Park, and the Thornton Creek natural area.

It's an area covered with lush trees and greens - perfect for those who enjoy long walks in the pleasant outdoors to admire the beauty and serenity of nature. It's also a popular destination in Seattle because of its seamless mass public transportation. If you’re looking for cheaper rentals with great connections, North Seattle could be the place for you.
If you travel west from North Seattle, you will reach Northgate, a great neighborhood for rentals that has undergone some major economic and real estate development in recent years. The popular Northgate mall is now new and improved and there are parks, libraries, and other relevant structures that rise everywhere like sprouts in spring. The place is certainly booming and is expected to continue doing so in the years to come.

The areas surrounding Northgate mall, however, are the ones that have exhibited the most noticeable changes with new rental condo complexes and movie theaters. There are also plenty of great places to hang around and enjoy a cup of coffee or a pint of beer from the Jebena Café, BurgerMaster, to Boud's Pinehurst Pub. And if you want to relax and de-stress on any given day, there are plenty of spas that can give you just that. You can even find some that will cater to your canine friends as well!

South Lake Union
South Lake Union is an area corralled by Queen Anne and Capitol Hill, and it got its name for being located in the southernmost portion of Lake Union. It is where you will find the Amazon Campus and is also the focal point for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Additionally, the place houses the highest number of healthcare facilities in the city, such as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children's Hospital, to name a few. If you work for Amazon or any of the other big tech companies, this is a great place to find the perfect rental apartment.

Green Lake
The local residents of Green Lake love to spend time outdoors, whether its a simple stroll to the library grounds, a late night dinner outside in one of its restaurants, or a quick jog at Green Lake Park. You won't be able to find much going on in the neighborhood during night times, however, although you can break some sweat and have some fun if you enroll in The Little Red Hen's dance lessons or chill out and listen to live bands every Friday night at the Latona Pub. Overall, Green Lake is a wholesome, friendly neighborhood full of fantastic rental properties where people generally sleep and wake up early to go about their day to day activities.

Obviously, the main attraction to the neighborhood is its very own lake. You can walk or jog about its almost 3-mile track, rent a kayak, or take part in any of its well-attended sports leagues. There are even all sorts of cycling events and competitions including unicycles and just about anything that resembles a bicycle. And if you are into golf or are just curious about it, you can try a few holes at Green Lake Pitch n Putt where even beginners can find plenty of fun and excitement.

Aside from the wide variety of outdoor activities, Green Lake is also home to one of the oldest institutions in Seattle. There's the Green Lake Library, a stunning aged building, the Bathhouse Theater, which was constructed in 1927 and still caters plays and theatrical shows up until today, and many more interesting structural relics from the past that still hold great value and appeal.

If you are looking for the perfect rental in Seattle, look no further than Real Property Associates. We have exceptional relationships with the leading landlords in the city and offer some of the best rentals that you can find. For more information, get in touch with an RPA advisor today. ,

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