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    By Lynn Post  |  Mar 30 2018

    Seattle's "first-come, first-served" Rental Law Rejected by Judge

    Judge rejects Seattle’s ‘first-come, first-served’ rental law as unconstitutional Choosing a tenant ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Feb 10 2018

    Get Ready for Higher Property Taxes in King County

    The largest property-tax increase in King County in modern history is about to go into effect:

    By Lynn Post  |  Jan 31 2018

    The Streak Continues!

    It's not surprising that Seattle's housing-market streak continues--now up to 15 months--but housing...

    By Lynn Post  |  Jan 10 2018

    The Seattle Rental Market – A Look Back and Forward to 2018

    As we enter our 28th year in business and look forward to a new year, we certainly want to recognize...

    By Lynn Post  |  Jan 2 2018

    Americans Moving Less

    Though you wouldn't know it based on the influx of new residents and construction of high-rise apart...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 19 2017

    The BLOCK Project Building Tiny Houses for Seattle's Homeless

    Check out this article in Yes! Magazine to see how some local Seattle folks are taking a grassroots ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 15 2017

    How the GOP Tax Cut Affects Homeowners

    According to this article in Business Insider, both the House and Senate versions of the GOP tax cut...

    By Lynn Post  |  Dec 12 2017

    New Regulations for Short-Term Seattle Rentals

    In addition to the new Airbnb and other short-term rental taxes voted on by the City Council last mo...

    By Lynn Post  |  Nov 28 2017

    Find a Home, Become a Star!

    If you, or someone you know, will be looking for a home to rent in Seattle in early 2018, check out ...

    By Lynn Post  |  Nov 15 2017

    New Tax for Airbnb Rentals

    On Monday, the Seattle City Council voted in favor of a per-night tax on short-term rental propertie...

    By Lynn Post  |  Oct 31 2017

    Is the Seattle Real Estate Bubble Going To Burst?

    Not anytime soon, according to this Seattle Times article by Mike Rosenburg. Seattle has been the ho...