Micro Apartment living in Seattle

By Victoria Ormsby

Interesting article in the Seattle Times profiling a super small micro apartment for rent in the U District.  This $750 unit is so tiny that they cannot enclose the bathroom.  While we manage and rent many micro units, we do not have any this small!


At $750 a month, a new apartment opening in the University District is one of the cheapest in Seattle. So what do you get for that price? A room the size of a parking space with a toilet that’s not even behind its own door.

The landlord for a congregate housing building opening on Seventh Avenue Northeast recently posted an ad online searching for tenants, and it was widely circulated this week in a Reddit post that referred to the room as a “prison cell.”

The ad features a 130-square-foot “studio” that contains a sink, shower and toilet. The entire space is in one room: The toilet and shower are open to the rest of the living space. There is no kitchen.

The rent is $750 a month, plus a $1,000 deposit, and includes access to a congregate kitchen area and free utilities.

“This is a definite MUST SEE!!” the ad says.

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