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    By Larry  |  Dec 4 2017

    Toys for Tots at RPA

    Once again RPA is proud to sponsor #ToysforTots this holiday season! If you would like to participat...

    By Larry  |  Jan 4 2017

    Seattle’s record apartment boom is ready to explode; meaning for rents

    THE SEATTLE TIMES MIKE ROSENBERG Seattle’s record apartment boom is ready to explode; what it means ...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    Seattle's Rental Law and Unintended Consequences

    The first-come, first served renter's law has the best of intentions. But sometimes interventions in...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    As housing costs soar, Seattle becomes nation’s top roommate city

    As living solo becomes more expensive, finding a roommate is essential for many city residents. Seat...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    Sawant’s Cap on Move-In Fees Gets One Step Closer to Full Council Vote

    by Heidi Groover for The Stranger Over the objections of landlords who claim Seattle is burdening th...

    By Larry  |  Dec 7 2016

    Most Home Buyers Keep Their Options Open, Consider Renting Instead

    SEATTLE, Oct. 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's competitive housing market, most of those who move...

    By Larry  |  Oct 5 2016

    Seattle Tenant Incomes

    Is Seattle losing its lowest earning residents? Seattle Property management is much more than simply...

    By Larry  |  Aug 8 2016

    US housing forecasts to 2020 and beyond

    The further one looks to the future, more long term the prediction, the more difficult it gets to fo...

    By Larry  |  Feb 28 2016

    Approval of 12-story Pioneer Square building overturned


    By Larry  |  Feb 25 2016

    7 tips for first-time homebuyers

    So you’ve decided to go for it, and buy your first home. Congratulations! The process can be both th...

    By Larry  |  Feb 25 2016

    Reporting a Problem Neighbor

    As our tenant it is vital that we provide you with a safe and comfortable environment, and if for an...

    By Larry  |  Feb 24 2016

    Important Reasons for Tenants to Contact Us

    One of the great advantages of renting is that you aren’t responsible to fix things when they break....