The Best Thing Seattle Property Owners Can Do for Better ROI

By Real Property Associates

Maximizing rental property returns requires the right strategies. Real estate investors enjoy more long-term passive income when meeting monthly or annual ROI goals! So, what helps to determine ROI, and how can you improve it? Is there one thing property owners can do to see better returns? Yes!

The single best thing you can do is hire a Seattle property management company. Here's what you need to know about how property management companies help investors increase ROI.

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How Can a Property Manager Help Improve ROI?

So, what does a property manager do to boost returns? A property management company Seattle rental owners trust can help you improve ROI in a few ways. 

Property Inspections and Maintenance

When you decide to start renting out a property, it is essential that you take the time to inspect the property between tenants. A great property manager can help you schedule and conduct inspections, then tour properties with an eye for potential maintenance issues that need repairs. In addition to conducting move-in, mid-lease, and move-out rental inspections, the best property managers also tackle maintenance requests from renters. 

Rental homes that stay in excellent condition help investors make more money!

Expert Marketing

Another benefit to partnering with a property manager is that they deliver expert strategies for marketing your property. Finding better tenants is a crucial aspect of maintaining excellent ROIs A property manager knows the best ways to create compelling rental listings and target your ideal Seattle renters. Showcase what makes your rental property stand out helps attract good renters faster while reducing vacancy rates!

Showings and Screenings

With excellent marketing, your property attracts plenty of applicants! Property managers can also help you to communicate with renters, show the property to prospective tenants, collect monthly rents, and more. With the help of a great property manager, you can be certain that your property is in good hands. Rental managers have a thorough screening process to identify the best residents for your properties. They also understand the market and set ideal rental rates to generate plenty of revenue for investors. The combination of excellent renters, shorter vacancy times, more renewals, and ideal rental rates help property owners maximize returns. 

Leases and Lease Enforcement

A comprehensive lease agreement helps rental property owners protect rentals and income, but it can be challenging to create a lease that owners can enforce and hold up in court. A rental agreement with loopholes could put your income at risk! However, the best property management companies minimize risks to your bottom line by creating airtight leases that protect rental units. 

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Knowing What Renters Want

Your property will stay vacant unless it has what renters want in a home! Does it have amenities tenants want (which other properties might not have)? Is it an excellent location? Are the finishes better than other nearby rental properties? A property manager can help you target upgrades and amenities that renters want, and that pays off with better ROIs. 

Taking the time for smart upgrades, like new cabinets and fixtures in the bathrooms, adding new appliances, installing smart home technology, or including in-unit washers and dryers, can help your properties stay competitive. 

Setting the Ideal Rental Rate

How high should you set the rental rate? No matter the monthly rent amount your might want, if it doesn’t make sense for the quality and location of the property, you’ve probably set it too high. 

The wrong rental rate can leave property owners without consistent rental income. When the rate is too high, your property sits empty, and you miss out on monthly rental income. You also experience a decline in ROI. However, setting the monthly rent amount too low can also lower your returns—even if a low rate helps you place a new renter faster. 

A property manager understands the market and has the research you need to set ideal rental rates. Competitive rates generate the income property owners need to maximize returns every month! 

Let a Property Management Company Help Improve Your Returns!

What does a property manager do? With the help of a property manager, real estate investors get the best returns possible! Hiring a property manager is the single best thing you can do to increase ROI and support long-term real estate investing success. Whether you own one investment property or operate a real estate portfolio with several rentals, partnering with the right property manager is a smart way to maximize returns. 

Real Property Associates helps property owners in the Seattle area with everything from analyzing properties and making smart purchases to screening tenants, marketing and showing properties, creating and enforcing lease agreements, collecting rent, property maintenance, and more! If you’re ready to learn why residential property management services could be the smartest decision you make for long-term success, reach out to Real Property Associates!

Learn more about your rental property’s ROI! Use our free resource to Calculate Your Rental Property ROI.


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