Why You Need the Best Seattle Property Management Company

Why You Need the Best Seattle Property Management Company-1

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Seattle can be a challenging real estate investment market when you don't have the right help to meet your financial goals.

  • Successful investors realize the benefits of owning rental properties in this area.
  • They also know that the right property manager makes it easier to generate enough profit and grow their portfolios. 

If you own one rental property here, you could be missing opportunities to get more from your holdings—or generate more income with more properties. Partnering with a top Seattle property management company is one of the smartest decisions you can make to build more long-term wealth and make sure you're not leaving real estate investment money on the table—no matter how many properties you have.

We know that considering a Seattle property manager comes with a lot of questions.

  • What does a full-service property management company do?
  • How does a property manager support real estate investors?

The Real Property Associates team put together this guide to answer these questions (and more) about property management—and why it's the best investment for your investments! Here's what rental property owners in the Seattle area need to know for success.

More Effective Marketing

More Effective Marketing

Marketing probably isn't the first thing you think of when you consider what a Seattle property manager can do for you. However, it's one of the most important things we do!

  • Without professional marketing, your rental properties can sit empty for weeks or months.
  • Long vacancy periods become very expensive for property owners.
  • Every day that your property doesn't have a renter is another day that you lose money.

However, many investors don't realize that they could have a marketing problem—not a problem with their rental property.

Better Marketing Brings Better Renters

Finding high-quality renters (quickly) starts with how you advertise your rental. If you pull together a few details, take a few snapshots with your phone, then post your property on a couple of social media sites, you're not reaching your audience.

  • With professional Seattle property management services, we take your listings to the next level and make sure that a broad audience sees your property—and that the listing attracts excellent potential residents. 
  • Compelling text, professional property photos, and listing on every major rental search website brings more visibility to your property.
  • We also start with the best monthly rental price, using market research to determine the ideal rate to help you make more money while staying competitive.

If you're struggling to find quality renters or 'sell' your Seattle rentals through effective listings, a property manager can boost the quality of your listings to help shorten vacancy cycles.

Better Renter Relationships

Better Renter Relationships

Sometimes renters can be the most challenging aspect of generating income through real estate. Finding high-quality renters is hard enough. Building positive professional relationships and handling accommodation requests can test the patience of even the most seasoned rental property owner. 

If you love rental property income, but you don't enjoy dealing with residents, the right property manager can handle them for you. We know that professional renter management and good relationships help reduce vacancies to generate more income for rental property owners.

However, no two Seattle renters are the same—and every situation requires a professional response to care for renters while protecting your properties and income.

We Handle the Good and the Bad

The good news is that with excellent marketing and a thorough screening process, real estate investors can enjoy many more excellent renters than bad residents. When you find high-quality renters, they make it easy and enjoyable to be a rental property owner. 

Good Seattle renters pay the rent on time, take excellent care of your property, and let you know about maintenance issues before they become expensive emergencies. When these renters come along, we do everything we can to encourage a renewal when their lease ends: we want them to stay because they are good for your investments!

However, not every renter is a good experience for property owners. Without a screening process, a 'bad' renter can look 'good' on their application. Sometimes, even when a renter passes the screening and meets your criteria, the relationship goes south during their lease term. 

An expert Seattle property management company has the resources to deal with any resident. We help investors:

  • Avoid bad renters by applying a thorough (and fair) screening process
  • Recognize the red flags that point out a 'Serial Squatter'
  • Deal with renters who start as excellent residents—but take a turn for the worst before their lease ends.

Owning rental properties in Seattle is a people business. With a professional property manager, investors don't have to worry that the wrong people will move into their rental homes or what to do if a resident stops paying the rent or damages their investment property.

Your Seattle property manager handles everything—starting with a screening process that reduces the potential for bad situations with renters.

Professional Maintenance and Support

Professional Maintenance and Support

Even with expert marketing and renter management, you'll struggle to find (and keep) quality renters if your properties aren't in excellent condition. Proactive property maintenance is a critical aspect of building financial success through real estate—but not every property owner has the skills to handle rental property maintenance and repairs.

If you're not good at fixing things, don't let that keep you from taking advantage of the Seattle rental market! Investors don't need to repair properties or conduct routine maintenance on their own. The right Seattle property management company does it all for you.

High-quality renters prefer properties that offer professional maintenance services. With a property manager, their rental home stays in excellent condition throughout the year—even through the changing seasons. Renters also know that if something goes wrong (no matter the time of night), they can reach someone to make emergency maintenance requests—and actually receive a response.

You Gain a Professional Response Team

Investors don't ever have to answer a renter's call when partnering with the right property management Seattle offers. We take care of every detail, answer every call, and have the resources in place for anything that comes up with your investment properties. Our team also helps investors protect their investments with recommendations for insurance coverage and proven processes that minimize risks. 

Being a real estate investor becomes worry-free with the right Seattle property management firm as your professional response team!

Grow When You're Ready (One Way or Another)

Grow When Youre Ready (One Way or Another)

It's easier to grow your real estate portfolio and experience consistent success when you partner with the best Seattle property management company. Your property manager helps research the properties that make the best financial sense for your portfolio. We also help investors recognize when a new rental property might be a bad idea. 

  • Ramping up a new investment property and generating income happens quicker when a property management company supports your portfolio.
  • We already have the processes and expertise in place to get your new property rental-ready, listed, rented, and generating income—without delay. 

Get More Out of Existing Properties

Even if you're not ready to add a new property to your Seattle portfolio, you could get more out of your existing properties with professional property management services. We help investors avoid common (yet expensive) mistakes, maximize tax deductions, and offer more features and amenities that reduce costs while improving your renter's experience.


The Best Seattle Property Management Company Is Ready to Help You Succeed

We hope this information helps you see the value and success that comes with partnering with the best property management Seattle offers. Whether you've been doing it on your own for a while (and it's time for a change) or you're ready for growth (without additional work), Real Property Associates is here to help you succeed.