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5 Tips for Your First Real Estate Investment

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Seattle's "first-come, first-served" Rental Law Rejected by Judge

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The Streak Continues!

The Seattle Rental Market – A Look Back and Forward to 2018

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Americans Moving Less

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Toys for Tots at RPA

Find a Home, Become a Star!

Seattle Rental Market Update

New Tax for Airbnb Rentals

Real Property Associates Salutes Americas Veterans

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Another Seattle Landlord Tenant Regulation is Proposed

A second group has sued the city of Seattle over their new Tenant Ordinance

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First Lawsuit for the New First In Time Ordinance Seattle

City Council Approves U District Upzone

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Seattle is #1 Housing Market - Once Again

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Washington Eviction Process Legal Advice | Need to Know's for Managing Your Seattle Rental Property

Seattle’s record apartment boom is ready to explode; what it means for rents

Someone found some humor in the Seattle rental market

Seattle Property Management News: What is the New “First in Time” Ordinance?

Seattle's Rental Law and Unintended Consequences -- as reported by The Seattle Times

As housing costs soar, Seattle becomes nation’s top roommate city -- as reported by The Seattle Times

Kshama Sawant’s Cap on Move-In Fees Gets One Step Closer to Full Council Vote - as reported The Stranger

Most Home Buyers Keep Their Options Open, Consider Renting Instead -- as reported by Puget Sound Business Journal

Micro Apartment living in Seattle

Micro units in Seattle

Seattle Energy Benchmarking & Reporting

Seattle Tenant Incomes

Proposed Zoning Changes for the University District

US housing forecasts to 2020 and beyond

Washington Landlord Tenant Law 2016 Update | Property Management in Seattle

Rental Registration and Inspection Ordinance (RRIO) Requirements for Seattle | Property Management

City of Seattle Vs Airbnb - the future of short term stay rentals in Seattle is on the line

All the world’s a stage… 5 reasons why you should stage your home!

Fewer and fewer failed construction projects remain

What is the right amount to save for a down payment on a home?

What is Renter’s Insurance? Seattle Property Management Education

Landlord Insurance Policy vs. Homeowner’s Insurance Policy – Seattle, WA Professional Explains

More Bay Area Housing Prices in the news

Good thing our Resident had Renter's Insurance!

Washington Eviction Process Legal Advice | Need to Know for Managing Your Seattle Rental Property

Advancements in Technology for Property Management in Seattle, WA – Landlord Education

Seattle Rents = 50% of San Francisco Median Rents

Zumper National Rent Report: March 2016

Jay Young speaks about RPA Property Management

Why Hire a Property Manager

Approval of 12-story Pioneer Square building overturned

Learn How to Reset a Garbage Disposal

7 tips for first-time homebuyers

Reporting a Problem Neighbor

Important Reasons for Tenants to Contact Us

Investors With Cash Edging Out First-Time Home Buyers

As elsewhere - RPA sees a lack of housing inventory a game changer

Roosevelt comes in as #10 in forecast of Nation's hottest RE neighborhoods.

Shortage of homes for sale pushes prices upward, buyers outward

Seattle area home-price gains outpace national rate

Opponents decry proposed 12-story Pioneer Square tower

RPA is leasing many properties for Chinese buyers - As reported in the Times

Great South Lake Union Comparison in the Times Today - How Times Have Changed!

Learn How To Change a Furnace Filter

Will easing the rules for backyard cottages help or hurt Seattle livability?

Rents surge, but a record number of new units may slow future hikes

Rising rents, rising towers push out tenants of modest means

Wall Street buyers snap up thousands of local homes for rentals

Seattle-area apartment rents may stabilize, even dip in 2014

Census surprise: Seattle the most affordable big city for renters

Visions for the U District: taller, vital and still funky

Apartment Market Tightens as Housing Costs Jump

Local apartment rents continue climbing

Scammers right at home in sizzling rental market

5.8 Percent Jump in Rents in Seattle Area

Billionaire Buys 10,000 Rental Homes; Now Owns Second Most SFR’s in U.S.

Five Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager

Single Family House Rents Going Through The Roof in California; Is Seattle Far Behind?

1.7 Million New Renters Through 2015; Single Family Rentals Grow By 3 Million.

Six Suggestions For Owners Who Rent Their Homes Or Apartments To Pet Owners

Study Shows Six Great Reasons Why Property Owners Should Allow Pets In Their Rental Homes and Apartments

Urban Land Institute Says Seattle One Of Best Real Estate Markets In United States

Real Property Associates Owner Jay Young Interviewed About Problem Tenants By Bloomberg News

Seattle City Council Approves Mandatory Inspections For Rental Houses

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